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My Mission

My Primary Calling is to be a Teacher. I have spent much of my life teaching adults. I have a gift of being able to take a fairly complex topic and simplify it such that the lay person can grasp it. As I explore this world of Internet Marketing, I look for ways that I can add value by applying this gift.

It is my intense desire to first learn and then teach to others the principles of owning and running an Internet Business, which allows my fellow entreprenueurs to make all the money they desire, without having to “work” for others.

As I find tools to automate this process, and let Entrepreneurs free themselves from ongoing mundane tasks, I like to pass on to others this knowledge of how best to use these tools. I prefer to teach using methods of experiential learning, and actually become more of a Facilitator than a Teacher in the traditional sense.

I had my own computer business, helping people learn to better use their computers and providing them service and technical support. This lasted over 4 years, then I wearied of this business, and especially the very nature of the “feast or famine”. Because I wasn’t an adept marketer, my business seemed to be either too much work, such that I could not meet my customer’s needs without working Killer hours, or the phone wasn’t ringing at all. This caused me to take an interest in learning to market, and then to help other businesses do the same, using many different techniques. This has been my quest for the last several years, and I have learned much, as well as acquiring some fantastic mentors.

I spent over 2 years as chief support technician for David Preston. David was one of the pioneers of taking marketing principles, especially Internet Marketing, and teaching it to offline-businesses. David is still a friend and mentor.

In 2011, I decided to spend more time as a business consultant, and I joined forces with one of the most knowledgeable copywriters and marketing people I have ever met along the way. His name is John McDermott, and our company is

I am the Director of the Kenosha office of Emergency Marketing Technicians. We call ourselves that because saving your business can literally be an Emergency, and we treat it as such.

If you own a company that could use some help in marketing, please let me know, I have some very low-cost ways to help you get more customers in the door very rapidly.

At your Service
Coach Rod